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Open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm | Saturday 7am-4pm | Sunday 4pm - 7pm

Call (817) 467-2511


Whether your pets need care for the weekend, while you are on a family vacation or for several months during a move, we provide the space, care and activities pets need. We have large indoor and outdoor runs for dogs. Cats enjoy the privacy of kennels in a separate cat room. We also board Birds and Exotic Pets. Our Kennel is designed to make boarding a fun experience for your pet!

Our boarding includes individual loving care, large indoor and outdoor runs, pools and play yards, reasonable rates, and convenient hours (we’re open 7 days a week).

Owners are encouraged to personally put their pets into their runs when they bring them in. This helps pets feel more secure. Upon returning owners are again encouraged to go into the Kennel and get their pets out of their run. This helps owners feel more secure.

We run a 1st class operation and we are proud to show it off. We are animal people too, and we understand the bond between you and your pet(s). We would not leave our pets anywhere that we couldn’t see and inspect and we don’t expect our clients to either.


Climate Controlled Indoor Runs

For the dogs that need calmer and quieter climate controlled surroundings, we offer inside runs. Our indoor rooms have an automated sprinkler system.

Large Covered Outdoor Runs

For the playful energetic dogs, we offer large covered outdoor runs, with a dog house, where they have plenty of room and fresh air.

ALL Outside Potty and Exercise Included.

La Petite Chien Room

The La Petite Chien Room provides a unique experience for socially active puppies and dogs under 20 lbs. Semi-open boarding is similar to the concept of children’s day care centers; this room offers numerous interactive play periods interspersed with rest periods each day. Your pet must be friendly and comfortable around other small dogs.Lots of treats, toys and play equipment are included to insure your pet’s enjoyment.

Inside Versus Outdoor Boarding Facilities

Dogs have been living outside for thousands of years. Only recently have we allowed dogs in the house; dogs are adapted to being outside. They need fresh air, sunshine and room to exercise. Many humane societies will not adopt dogs to people who do not have a fenced back yard.
A dog’s normal body temperature is 101.5 degrees, almost three degrees higher than our norm. They also have an epidermal fat layer and a coat of hair that human don’t’t have. This provides insulation against the heat as well as the cold. Dogs that get their hair cut off in the summer can get sunburned and overheat. When it’s cold dogs curl-up and put their nose under their tail so they are breathing warm air. As long as they have a way to get out of the wind, rain and snow they are fine.
A few years ago a family, husband, wife and two children and their Irish Setter were in a motor home vacationing in Colorado in September. They decided to hike up several miles to a mountain lake to go fishing and were caught in a mountain snow storm. After several days the rangers went looking for them. They found all four humans frozen to death; the dog was running around playing. So much for the myth that dogs are not cold tolerant.
Most dogs are very heat tolerant. As long as they have shade and water they are fine regardless of the temperature. Exceptions to this are older obese dogs and short nosed dogs such as English Bulldogs and Pugs etc.. Other than these exceptions dogs will be happier and more healthy outside than they will inside.
Keeping dogs inside the house all the time can lead to many problems. Dogs are companion animals and want to be where ever you are. Shut your dog up inside the house and go out into the back yard; your dog will want to be in the yard with you. The temperature makes no difference to the dog. Owners sometimes behave anthropomorphically when it comes to temperature and inside vs. outside. Dogs are dogs, let them be dogs. If you are gone they will do much better in the back yard than they will cooped up inside the house. When you are home, let them inside with you.
Many places that try to pass as a boarding kennel are nothing more than a converted grocery store or warehouse, a back room in a strip shopping center or a veterinary hospital full of sick animals. These places have little inside cages where they board dogs and no outside exercise or potty areas. Dogs are forced to potty inside on artificial grass or carpet. To your dog this justifies going in the house. This can cause dogs that were totally house broken to revert back to going all over the house; thereby requiring extensive retraining. In many cases this can be very time consuming and expensive requiring new carpet and/or furniture. Before you board your dog(s) in one of these places, do yourself and your pet a favor: VISIT AND COMPARE!
Country Acres Kennels has over 100 inside boarding spaces, but all inside dogs go outside to big play areas to go potty. The Kennel also has space for over 200 dogs outside which is preferred for and by most dogs. Dogs boarded outside have much more room than dogs boarded inside. Whichever you decide on can be accommodated at the Kennel, but now you know the facts. We are a real kennel with over 20 acres of space and we have whatever facilities will best suit your dog.
Contrary to most other places the more educated you are about dogs, the better client you are for us. If you would like to learn more about dogs including health, grooming, nutrition, behavior etc., join the fun and attend some of our free educational weekly classes.
ALL PETS entering the Kennel must be healthy and have the following vaccinations: Dogs under 7 years of age must have a Rabies and DHLPP within 3 years, Intranasal Bordetella and CIV (Canine Flu H3N2 and H3N8) within one year. Cats under 7 years of age must have a Rabies and FVRCP with Leukemia within 3 years. Dogs over 7 years of age only need Intranasal Bordetella and CIV.